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Ways to succeed at art fairs

When you are willing to spend money, time and effort in a commercial booth, it is important for you to know all the ways to succeed at art fairs in order to get the best results. A previous research and detailed planning will ensure you a great performance at your next event.

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How to attract visitors to your stand

Potential clients assist to an art fair wanting to buy and learn about the best and newest things you have to offer. The problem is the competition that is working on your same niche. The best strategy to overcome this situation is setting up your stand in a way that it can attract visitors.

Visibility is essential if you want to attract as many potential customers as possible. Most commercial fairs offer privileged locations for an extra cost. If you are willing to boost your business, this is an option that you should definitely take into consideration. Most of the VIP places are highly demanded and some of them are sold about one year ahead. Therefore, it is recommended for you think well about this topic in advance.


Captivating the interest of potential buyers

Potential consumers are attracted by appealing stands. As you work with art items, use bright colors and strive to create a high impact design to decorate your booth. Visitors will notice the difference immediately.

The decoration of your stand should reflect an understandable message from different perspectives, both near and far. It is important for you to use clear optical signal and good lighting.


In addition to having an appropriate look and an attractive design, your stand must be accessible. It is important for your representatives to smile and be nice with the clients all the time. You could promote your products and inform your potential costumers about their most important features through brochures, pamphlets and reading materials.